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WSC is an equal opportunity employer. WSC is continuously looking for qualified personnel in support of our simulation business. Please forward your resume to Deborah Van De Poll for further consideration. email me






Computer Programmer













Develop and test code and script for computer programs to implement and improve power plant training simulation systems, Upgrade programs to increase operating efficiency and adapt to new requirements, Develop programs for web interface of Human-Machine-Interface for Intelligent Tutoring System, Integrate customers Learning Management Systems and simulators, Port software solution to a cloud, Conduct trial runs of programs and software applications, Write documentation of program development and revisions, Write instructions to guide end users, Develop web sites and perform Full Stack web development.



Frederick, MD





Work experience in C#, JavaScript, REST, SOAP, JSON, .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft DevOps solution, Microsoft Azure cloud architecture design, simulation requirements analysis, and program development for web interface of Human-Machine-Interface.

The position requires a related degree and 2 years of related experience. The employer considers all applicants with any suitable combination of education including foreign educational equivalent, training or experience are acceptable for the position.


For additional information about this job opportunity, please contact our Human Resources (Frederick, MD) preferably via mail or fax