Fossil Power Plant Simulation

WSC has extensive experience delivering simulation solutions for almost every configuration of a fossil power plant. Our simulation platform includes the process modeling tools needed to develop any type of unit such as a drum (e.g. a once through) and both sub and supercritical boiler design. Using the Fuel and Combustion Modeling Tool and the Two Phase Flow Network Modeling Tool, any boiler configuration can be modeled with complete confidence in the model fidelity for training and engineering applications. The 3KEYMASTER™ environment also includes a high-fidelity electrical and relay protection modeling tool to fully simulate electrical generation and distribution in a power plant. All tools used have been verified through their extensive use on over 50 simulators delivered to clients worldwide. The 3KEYMASTER™ environment also includes features, based on touch screen technology, to emulate traditional control panels and to replicate the control room environment at a lower cost to the client. 
Critical to traditional power plant simulators is the application of Distributed Control Systems (DCS). These systems have been applied to training simulators through approaches such as stimulation, hybrid, virtual and emulation. WSC has the experience of applying DCS systems in nearly all possible configurations, based on project specifications and customer needs. WSC has worked with over 20 DCS and PLC systems used in the power industry and can provide the ideal solution for a specific project.
WSC’s 3KEYMASTER™ environment also includes a full-featured Instructor Station which provides a flexible simulator environment with embedded features such as monitored parameters, trending, Validation and Verification, Scenario Based Testing (SBT), as well as other standard features such as event triggers, scenario creation, and trainee performance tracking. The generic and specific malfunction feature extends the capability of the simulator to allow for thousands of malfunctions that may be used by instructors to develop training exercises that replicate plant behavior and demonstrate such behaviors to operation staff. 

If interested in checking how close our Training Simulators might be to your plant, take a couple of minutes and complete a short "configurator" questionnaire. WSC offers a great range of generic Combined Cycle, Simple Cycle, and Fossil Simulators
WSC's approach to Fossil Power Plant Simulation can be applied to any plant in operation, under construction, or newly designed.

For additional information reference the 3KEYMASTER™ Fossil, Simple Cycle and CCGT