Training Simulator via Web
As younger workers begin careers in the power industry, it is important to understand and address the best methods by which training can be delivered to this connected, media-adept generation. Traditional instructor-led and hands-on education are still effective tools, but these tried-and-true practices must be enhanced with the latest in technological advances and pedagogical techniques. To address this gap, WSC has developed 3KEYSTUDENT™, making state-of-the-art simulator training available to a student’s PC via the Internet. 

WSC’s 3KEYSTUDENT™ provides operator trainees with the platform needed to receive simulator and lesson plan content via the web. Lesson plan development is made simple with our graphic design package that provides users with the tools necessary for the creation of lesson plan content (process and I&C model configurations, initial conditions, scenarios, event triggers, HMI screens, sound and/or video files). Multiple training modes are also available: ranging from the tell-all mentor mode, to a life-like test mode.

Although full scope simulators provide the most realistic atmosphere for training control room operators, flexible part-task simulation systems can be used to train operators on the interaction with complex and expensive equipment. This type of self-study supplements training time on the full scope simulator, yet allows for quality training at a reduced cost. 

Currently, WSC generic models for Generic Pressurized Nuclear Power Plant (GPWR), Generic Combined Cycle Plant simulator and Generic Fossil Plant simulator are used by our customers to train students and company personnel in power plant technology and operations via the Internet.  The lesson plans are developed by the experts in the field.

Benefits in summary
  • Students have access to the simulator without classic constraints of instructor availability and equipment cost
  • Learning is validated through hands-on plant operating scenarios in a high-fidelity simulation environment
  • Instruction can be provided through existing web interfaced computer platforms.
  • No upfront capital investment cost

For a complete list of 3KEYSTUDENT™ Web Based Simulation benefits, features, and advantages, refer to 3KEYSTUDENT™ Web Based Simulation brochure.