Staff Augmentation and Support
WSC offers both on and off-site services to assist simulator users in performing the full range of activities needed to maintain and upgrade their simulators. From on-site support to remote access support, WSC can provide engineers to lend their expertise in training simulator platforms. WSC can furnish on-site placement of simulation software engineers, system analysts, and computer hardware technicians at customer sites for a predetermined time or regular interval. In addition to our 3KEYMASTER™ simulators, WSC personnel also have experience with other manufacturers’ platforms and modeling tools. Our engineers are seasoned in the simulation of all types of nuclear reactors and fossil or combined cycle plants. 

The types of services offered spans the entire life cycle of your simulator including:

  • General maintenance and discrepancy corrections
  • Computer Platform Replacement and Support
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • I/O System Replacement, reconfiguration and expansion
  • Simulator Environment Replacement, Model Re-hosting and Upgrades
  • Communication 
  • Model Replacement and Enhancement
    • NSSS Core and Thermal-Hydraulics Models
    • Balance of Plant Models
    • Turbine, generator and Electrical Distribution Models
    • Logic, Control and PLC Models
  • DCS Emulation. Virtual and Stimulation Systems
  • Simulator Testing, Verification and Validation
  • Simulator-based consulting services
If you are interested in receiving Support services from WSC, please contacts us to help answer all your questions and concerns