3KEYMASTER™ Simulation Modeling Tools
As part of the overall 3KEYMASTER™ simulation platform, WSC provides a set of efficient, high-fidelity, object-oriented graphical modeling tools to simulate all types of components and systems found in plants and machinery. A simulation diagram — a graphical representation of the simulated system — can use objects from different Tools as needed to provide a complete and comprehensive simulation of the system. 3KEYMASTER™ models are built using objects contained in the 3KEYMASTER™ tool libraries. These Tools work within the 3KEYMASTER™ environment, sharing common features, and can be invoked together or independently based on the simulation scope. To enable accurate simulation, the Tools offers graphical objects, which can be dropped, dragged, connected, and configured to form networks of varying complexities. The object oriented, graphic nature of these modeling tools help to reduce and eliminate the number of errors in modeling and improves the efficiency and speed of model building.

Modeling Tools
  • FlowBase Tool
FlowBase is a Hydraulic Modeling Network Tool created to facilitate the development of high fidelity simulation of fluid systems. Fluid systems involve an array of components including pumps, valves, tanks, filters, etc., for transporting fluids with various physical properties to form thermal cycles.

The tool contains a library of highly accurate objects to calculate properties of water in both liquid and vapor phases with conservation of mass, energy and momentum. In addition, the Tool allows the user to define mediums of other fluids, such as oil or gas, by setting properties, such as viscosity and density. An integrated heat transfer model is also included to simulate heat exchange of various complexities. 

  • Electrical Network Tool
The Electrical Network Tool was created to facilitate the development of accurate, high-fidelity electrical distribution and grid models. The Electrical Tool models also include generation systems, voltage regulators, high-voltage buses, switch gears, tap changers, DC buses and other electrical-power apparatuses that influence the generation and distribution of electricity. 

In modeling electrical systems in a plant, the effects of large motors on the voltage and frequency of buses is fully replicated through the use of a complex induction motor model.  All large and small equipment models can be connected to the correct buses to replicate the behavior of a plant during the loss of power on any Control Center in the plant.  

  • Logic and Control
The Logic Modeling Tool is intended to simulate the Instrumentation and Control Systems (I&C) controlling equipment in a plant. The Tool makes it simple to simulate the operation of various protection circuits, interlocks and other logic-based systems. A common example of such systems is plant component equipment (e.g. valves, pumps, etc.) control and protection schematics. 

In addition to the modeling of Boolean logic-based systems, the Logic Tool can also perform operations with floating-point type of data that is a common case in various Digital Control Systems (DCS). Both Boolean and floating-point operations may also be used to perform the model support calculations required for simulation. The Logic Tool represents a powerful mechanism to supplement a wide range of simulation tasks. WSC also provide Distributed Control System (DCS) solutions independent of the logic tool described under the 3KEYDCS™ product line.

  • Relay Tool
The relay tool is used to model traditional Instrumentation and Control (I&C) based on circuit and wiring diagrams. These wiring diagrams may supplement Distributed Control System (DCS) I&C type protection circuits. In many cases, these relay based circuit diagrams provide important logic between a DCS system input/output signals and the actual controlled equipment such as valves, pumps or breakers. The simulation of these circuits improves the accuracy of the simulation by including the impact of possible protection signals such as short circuit, power loss etc. 

The relay tool facilitates modeling and visualization of wiring diagrams improving the accuracy of the plant model and providing a visual understanding of relay/wiring diagrams. As the use of analog wiring diagrams is reduced in modern plant controls, the knowledge and ability to read and understand wiring diagrams is reduced. The 3KEYMASTER™ Relay Tool allows for tracking and visualization of contacts and relays starting from a plant operator push-button action up to the controlled equipment (e.g. valve, pump etc.). 

  • Component Tool and Library
The Component Tool provides simulation of miscellaneous unique components such as valve actuators, breakers, controllers, etc. The component library contains common types of components found in plant and equipment. The component tool provides the capability to create modeling objects for new types of plant and equipment components, which can then be added to the growing component library for reuse.

  • Fuel and Combustion Modeling Tool for thermal power plants
The Fuel and Combustion Modeling Tool is designed to model the complete process of fuel utilization at the power plant including coal pulverization equipment models, fuel combustion model, and flue gas cleanup equipment models. Gas emissions monitoring equipment is also represented in the Tool with dedicated simulation blocks modeling flue gas composition and opacity analyzers. 

The overall functions of the Tool are primarily fuel properties used, fuel transport, solid fuel processing, fuel combustion, radiation heat transfer, combustion products treatment, and auxiliary equipment such as flame scanners and soot blowers. 

  • Transmitter Tool
The Transmitter Tool serves to monitor and indicate actual measurable parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, and level. This tool includes the ability to convert displayed parameters to the specific plant unit system such as British Units or SI Units. In addition, power supply to transmitters is handled within its components. 

In addition to transmitters, High or Low switches can be included to allow for the modeling of limit switches used in the Instrumentation and Control (I&C).

  • Macro Objects
The 3KEYMASTER™ Tools also provide "Macro Object” capability in which a set of existing objects can be combined into a single object represented by a single icon. This new object, a Macro object, can then be easily placed and used in multiple model pages, maximizing efficiency while minimizing modeling work.
In addition to the above, WSC provides an extended list of modeling tools used in certain power plant schemes.
For a complete list of Modeling Tools uses, features and advantages please refer  to the  3KEYMASTER™ Modeling Tools Product Sheet