Hydro Power Plant Simulator

WSC’s 3KEYMASTER™ has proven its versatility in the development of a wide variety of power plant training simulators, including hydro power station operations.  A hydro power plant simulator developed with 3KEYMASTER™ represents the operation and dynamics of a specific hydro power station during normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions in both manual and auto modes of the plant operation.

Simulated hydro plants generally include: the hydro turbine with its governing system, the gate operation Control System, the power generation & distribution system, as well as various auxiliary systems such as the lubrication oil system and cooling water system. The simulator provides a hands-on training environment for students to perform plant operations, including: Pre-start, Start up, Synchronizing, Raising and Lowering Load, Normal & Emergency Shut Downs, and various malfunction and component failures. 

Hydro plant simulators are comprised of the following (for the operation and monitoring of the simulated plant systems):
  • Unit Operator Station
  • Gate Control Station 
  • Switchyard Operator Station 
  • Instructor Station facilitates in monitoring and controlling the training session
WSC’s vast experience with incorporating different types of control systems (such as DCS, SCADA, and PLC) in our simulators allows us to build high-fidelity replica simulators for your hydro power plant.  

The WSC 3KEYMASTER™ environment also includes a full featured Instructor Station which provides a flexible simulator environment with embedded features such as monitored parameters, trending, Validation and Verification, Scenario Based Testing (SBT), as well as other standard features such as event triggers, scenario creation, and trainee performance tracking. The generic and specific malfunction feature extends the capability of the simulator to allow for thousands of malfunctions that may be used by instructors to develop training exercises that replicate plant behavior and demonstrate such behaviors to operation staff. 

For additional information reference the 3KEYMASTER™ Grid and Renewable Solutions