Combined Cycle and Simple Cycle Power Plant Simulation

WSC has provided numerous full-scope replica Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT), simple cycle Gas Turbine (GT) and IGCC Simulators to power generating companies worldwide. For IGCC plant simulation refer to page: Process Plant Simulation. Full-scope replica simulators are the most  effective solution to meet individual plant training needs. WSC has also provided partially customized and generic versions of simulators to plants that wish to minimize their initial simulator investment. These simulators may be upgraded at a later stage  to become plant-specific simulators. 
A unique challenge to Combined Cycle Simulators are the multiple Distributed Control Systems (DCS) that may be needed to control the plant. Most CCGT power plants have, at a minimum, two DCS systems in one power plant. DCS systems have been applied to training simulators through multiple approaches such as stimulation, hybrid, virtual, and emulation. WSC has extensive experience in applying DCS system solutions to simulator projects based on the  specifications and customer’s need. WSC has worked with over 20 DCS and PLC systems used in the power industry and leverages this experience to provide the ideal solution for a specific project.

For almost two decades, WSC has produced and delivered over 40 custom simple and combined-cycle gas-turbine plant simulators. If you are interested in checking how close those plants might be to yours, take a couple of minutes and complete a short "configurator" questionnaire. Answering this questionnaire helps us formulate the optimal Simple or Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) simulator solution for your training needs. Registered clients may request a downloadable demonstration from the website that provides a full-scope high-fidelity simulator with a DCS interface that allows you to explore the power of WSC's simulators.

WSC’s 3KEYMASTER™ environment also includes a full-featured Instructor Station which provides a flexible simulator environment with embedded features such as monitored parameters, trending, Validation and Verification, Scenario Based Testing (SBT), as well as other standard features such as event triggers, scenario creation, and trainee performance tracking. The generic and specific malfunction features extend the capability of the simulator to allow for thousands of malfunctions that may be used by instructors to develop training exercises that replicate plant behavior and demonstrate such behaviors to operation staff. 

If interested in gaining more information regarding packages for a specific Simple/Combined Cycle plant, please take a couple of minutes and complete a short " configurator” questionnaire to help us customize a faster solution for the plant

WSC's approach to Combined Cycle and Simple Cycle Power Plant Simulation can be applied to any plant in operation, under construction, or newly designed.