WSC’s primary focus is the development and deployment of advanced 3KEYSOFTWARE® simulation technology. WSC is committed to continually improving the capabilities of our technology, widening the applicability of simulation technology to complex systems and addressing the needs of our customers. To attain this goal, we have a vigorous market-focused R&D program and maintain a multi-disciplinary team of nuclear, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers, physicists and computer scientists.  

Our flagship simulation product, 3KEYMASTER™, includes in a tightly integrated package, real-time executive, Graphical Engineering Station / Instructor Station, and our suite of unified graphical modeling tools.  WSC also offers several other products to serve the simulation needs of our customers such as 3KEYSAFE™ (configuration management system), 3KEYDCS™ (distributed control system library of tools), 3KEYSTUDENT™ (web-based simulation learning platform) and many others.  Please refer to the products and links listed at the bottom of the page for additional information on our product offerings.

A Summary of Advantages of the 3KEYMASTER™ Environment 


One integrated environment

Object-Oriented Design

True object oriented design

Code Generation

No proprietary code generators are used

Ease of look and feel customization

Graphical objects can be changed easily to match the plant data and customer preference


Open architecture allowing for the addition of new tools to the existing environment

DCS Systems

3KEYMASTER™ can be extended with DCS solutions for most DCS venders in the industry today

Integration with other software and Hardware

Ease of integration with other software and hardware through standard communication protocols such as TCP/IP, OPC and others

Embedding Engineering Codes

RELAP5 – NESTLE – MELCOR – MAPP- Simulate 3R are example of engineering models and codes that have been integrated with the 3KEYMASTER™ Environment for real-time and non-real-time applications

3KEYMASTER™ Simulation Platform is a comprehensive development, execution, test, integration, and deployment environment accessed by a Graphical Engineering Station (GES).  It is used to develop custom models, re-host or hookup third-party code or systems, interface with I/O, and create new custom modeling tools.  Simulation can be run in real-time or non-real-time modes. 

3KEYMASTER™ Instructor Station (IS), a specialized and configurable version of the GES, provides full-featured simulation control, including scripting for scenario creation and data visualization for monitoring and analysis.  3KEYMASTER™ Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) can be set to various levels of guidance and provides self-paced tutoring to trainees learning about the simulated plant or equipment.  

WSC’s adaptation of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory’s RELAP5 thermal-hydraulic and NESTLE neutronic codes is 3KEYRELAP5-RT™, which runs in real-time with graphical visualization in the 3KEYMASTER™ environment.  The ability to pre-configure complex RELAP components speeds up the modeling production and allows monitoring of key variables. Flexibility is provided to integrate other best-estimate codes in the simulation.

WSC provides a comprehensive suite of high-fidelity, object-oriented graphical modeling tools, complete with numerical solution methods. The Flow Network Modeling Tool is used to model multi-phase and gaseous fluid flow, combustion, heat transfer and material species transport in piping networks, enclosed spaces, and associated equipment.  The Electrical Network Modeling Tool is used for electric distribution networks, grids, generators, load center, and power transfer control equipment.  Logic and control systems, including those with modulated signal-based controls are modeled in WSC’s Logic and Control Tool while the Relay Tool is used to model logic and control equipment.  The Component Tool and Library contains common types of components found in plant and equipment providing the capability to relate modeling objects for new types of plant and equipment components, which can then be added to the growing component library for reuse. 

A full range of Distributed Control System (3KEYDCS™) Solutions are available that include integration of virtual DCS systems from vendors, enhanced emulation, or stimulation.

3KEYSAFE™ is a fully integrated Configuration Management System (CMS) which manages the simulator configuration with the updates to the reference plant. 3KEYCATALOG™ is a tool that manages the use of reference plant data in the simulator, providing cataloging of source data and independent verification of the processes for extraction and derivation of data to parameterize and construct 3KEYMASTER™ models.  

3KEYSTUDENT™ is a simulator delivery system to provide full or partial simulation to user desktops through web-based technologies. 

3KEYTOUCH™ presents full control room hard panels through representation on replica sections of the control room on touch screens.  They can be used in a classroom with one section or extended to many sections working independently or in a cluster. 
Through our strong commitment to customer service and focus on advancing our simulation products’ technology, WSC is able to provide the projects and services to meet all of your complete simulation needs and to address your most difficult simulation challenges.