Distributed Control System - DCS Solutions
Distributed Control Systems (DCS) provide a modular, reliable, and cost-effective method of implementing control systems with superior data management capabilities. Their increasing prominence in control rooms require that they be accurately represented in the simulation environment, with adequate simulator control and visualization capabilities, both for effective training and V&V.

At WSC, we believe that there is no universal solution to a DCS scheme and that all options should be supported. That said, WSC supports all the approaches below to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for a specific customer simulator for training or for DCS verification. 
  • Full Stimulation - replica DCS, consisting of hard-ware and software, is integrated with the simulator 
  • Virtual Stimulation - a replica virtual version of the DCS software is used on emulated hardware 
  • Hybrid - a replica DCS HMI platform is used with emulated I&C software 
  • Full Emulation - emulated DCS hardware and soft-ware is used for both the DCS HMI and I&C

Our extensive experience with Stimulated, Virtual, Simulated, and Emulated DCS environments means that whatever the circumstances of the customer, we can find the right solution.  

The 3KEYMASTER™ product line includes special 3KEYDCS™ libraries of object-oriented technology to integrate or emulate DCS systems based on the specific customer requirements, cost consideration, and  DCS integration capabilities. WSC is ready to support our customers in the selection of the best simulation methods for their specific DCS System. 

For a complete list of Distributed Control System - DCS Solutions features, uses and advantages please refer to our Distributed Control System - DCS Solutions brochure.