QA Certification
When it comes to quality, WSC, Inc. means business. We continually improve our certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System that blends agile R&D practices, rigorous simulator-project management, risk-based thinking, as well as collaborative, responsive customer interaction and support. Continual improvement is the catalyst driving our quality program forward.

Our agile R&D practices emphasize customer collaboration and iterative product development, enabling WSC to provide innovative, high-quality products and services to customers in a more efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner than through traditional methods. Our rapid-response approach to meeting the changing requirements of our customers enables us to maintain a leading role in the ever-evolving world of power-plant simulation and simulator-assisted engineering (SAE).

While agile practices benefit our commercial product development and design, additional traditional and systematic processes are employed to meet the needs of our simulator customers. Simulation projects use a well-defined and repeatable set of processes that consists of iterative analysis, design, development, unit testing, integration, and V/V. Throughout our simulation projects, we provide continuous feedback to our customers through detailed status and progress reporting. Additionally, our engineers work closely with customers during project design, development, and both factory and site-acceptance testing. We are happy to provide further expertise to our customers post-delivery.

As WSC, Inc. moves forward, we will continuously strive to improve our processes, products, and services to meet our customers’ needs in the evolving power-plant simulation and engineering industry.