WSC, with its team of highly qualified and industry trained engineers, is well-positioned to provide you with a full complement of engineering services. Over the past 20 years, WSC has developed a full suite of engineering-grade simulation products that precisely render power generating stations of all kinds. We’ve harnessed the raw power of our simulation software and created several solutions to the operational problems faced by every power company: operator training, simulation cost, and accurate update modeling.

WSC’s solutions go beyond training. With Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE), we’re providing you with a much needed cost-effective means to improve your plant’s performance.  Similarly, our Generic Simulation solutions give you a financial edge. One of our hundreds of successful models will be adapted to specifications of your plant, paying immediate knowledge and efficiency dividends.

Our global leadership and proven record in Simulation technology demonstrated by a successful history of delivering and supporting power plant simulators and customers globally, gives WSC the knowledge and experience to tailor a simulation solution to your needs. Our expert personnel, who have over 1000 years of combined simulation and power generation experience, will work with you to customize our 3KEYMASTER™ products to your specifications. Discover what so many satisfied clients already know: WSC means Innovative Simulation Solutions.

In Addition to the Solutions Listed, We Offer:
  • Safety analysis studies and data generation in support of licensing applications
  • Human Factors Engineering studies:  tested and refined Human-Machine Interface design
  • Systems engineering functions: develop and verify process sheets, P&IDs, Control & Logic diagrams, and build a central repository based catalog of plant equipment
  • Control and Logic systems testing, tuning, and V&V, including changes as a result of upgrades and migration to DCS
  • Testing and validation of plant system modifications
  • Testing and validation of operating procedures and plant system test procedures
  • Studies for validating procedures and time estimates for plant manipulations in conjunction with outage planning for plant maintenance and/or plant modifications 

The challenging ventures and tasks that we are presented with are tackled with ease and the impossible is just another day at the office.