Simulator Technology Training

WSC offers a wide variety of Training Services. Each simulator delivered has an extensive training course for the plant’s Instructors, Engineers and Maintenance personnel. Most courses are tailored to fulfill the unique requirements of the Simulator End User. WSC has become the world leader in the application of Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) to power plant design, engineering, and V&V. To support these activities, WSC has developed thorough training courses in the theory and application of the 3KEYMASTER™ Environment, Modeling Tools and Communication Software. We have trained hundreds of engineers who are now successfully developing simulators using 3KEYMASTER™. Generally, a one week overview initiates the prospective user. Typical topics for this course include:

  • Introduction, Topic/Course Overview
  • Project Approach and Life Cycle
  • Simulator Overview
  • Demos Combined Cycle and Nuclear Simulators
  • Graphical Engineering Station
  • Instructor Station
  • 3KEYMASTER™ Configuration 
  • Simulator Development using 3KEYMASTER™
  • 3KEYMASTER™ Hydraulic Tool
  • Hydraulic Model Laboratory (Sample Model)
  • 3KEYMASTER™ Electrical Tool
  • Electrical Model Laboratory (Sample Model)
  • Other Model Tools (Logic and Control/Relay/Transmitter/Turbine) 
  • Tools Laboratory (Sample Model)
  • 3KEYMASTER™ Object Builder
  • Integrating Models, Interfacing External Devices (I/O)
  • Laboratory, Integration and Testing
  • Summary/Wrap-up
Following the initial training, specialized courses are offered depending on the customer training needs. For SAE applications, WSC has provided courses for up to ten weeks and on-the-job training for up to one year.  

If you are interested in this program and would like to request additional information, please contact us with any questions that you might have. Specialized training opportunities are available upon customer request.