Simulator Assessments & Upgrades

WSC can perform an assessment of your simulator or simulator-based training program through the use of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission IP71111.11 Appendix "C" methodology. The approach provides a user with the basis required to develop a Technical Specification for the upgrade of an existing nuclear training simulator.

WSC has provided services in the US and worldwide to support the assessment of the effectiveness of the training program and training simulator.

If you are interested in assessing and upgrading your simulator, please contact us to help answer all your questions and concerns.
WSC can support you in many ways, including:


  • To meet all your simulator training needs
  • To assess the effectiveness of your simulator training program
  • Eliminate the nagging prolog issues on the simulator
  • Eliminate software bugs and deficiencies with either simulator software or hardware
  • Replace process models with engineering grade models, Update plant process computer or supervision programs, computer communication issues, Distributed Control System (DCS) Upgrades, and simulator re-hosting and modernization through the use of 3KEYMASTER™ real time executive and instructor station
  • To meet the ANS 3.5 standard