High-fidelity simulators have long been used for training operators on mission-critical or complex systems such as nuclear power plants. Recent reductions in computer cost and advanced simulation technology have reduced the needed investment sufficiently for the technology to be used in fossil, simple & combined cycle power plants, and process industries. Due to the large scope of modeling, accuracy has to be balanced with available computing power in order to achieve real-time execution: a mandatory requirement for training simulators. The resulting model simplifications were acceptable for training purposes, but could restrict the applicability of training-grade simulators to engineering tasks. 

Today, sufficient desktop computing power is available to combine the technologies that have been developed for full-scope simulation with advanced modeling concepts for engineering-grade models. This allows the development of high-fidelity full-scope simulators with WSC’s 3KEYMASTER™ Simulation Software that can be used for highly accurate real time training simulators, as well as in the engineering design processes, commonly referred to as Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE).  

Training Simulators
The power and process industries have learned over the years that a training simulator is a valuable tool to qualify plant personnel and expand their knowledge in operation and engineering. The ultimate purpose of a training simulator has always been to educate and assess operators in plant operation, including plant start-ups, shutdowns, and load changes and to develop expertise in plant monitoring and control during normal and emergency situations. In today’s world, the end user has many more choices than the traditional full scope replica simulator to meet the training needs of their staff, including classroom simulators, web based simulators, as well as touch screen-based simulators and part task simulators. 

Simulation and Engineering
In recent years, simulation is now being used as a powerful tool for engineers to assist in a variety of activities; conceptual design & licensing, design & build, and testing & commissioning. In new build projects, engineers can use simulation to verify equipment selection and control system design prior to plant start-up/commissioning, saving valuable time and cost by reducing field rework. For plants already in service, simulation can be used for investigation and testing of operational situations that are normally not allowed under real plant normal operating conditions, or to discover and test more efficient and cost-effective control strategies.    

WSC Commitment
Through its strong commitment to customer service and focus on advancing simulation technology and with a vast experience of delivering Nuclear, Fossil, Combined and Simple Cycle, Pipeline, Process, Solar, Hydro and marine plant simulators, WSC is ready to serve your complete simulation needs and to address your difficult challenges.