3KEYMASTER™ Comprehensive Simulation Platform

Effective and informative simulation involves model development, integration, execution, testing, visualization, and analysis. The 3KEYMASTER™ environment provides you with everything needed to accomplish these tasks. Through process efficiency and engineering rigor, 3KEYMASTER™ brings you state-of-the-art simulation in a single, integrated environment. 

3KEYMASTER™ is the first simulation environment developed ground-up for the Microsoft Windows® operating system. Its open architecture, fully object-oriented approach, support for flexible human interface design, and leveraging of the Windows environment, offers WSC’s clients distinct advantages in simulation speed and usability.  


3KEYMASTER™ Executive and Architecture
3KEYMASTER™ is designed to work in a multiprocessor computing environment. The simulation load can be shared and balanced across multiple processors. Its architecture is open and scalable, and uses standard off-the-shelf Windows-based systems. Multiple client workstations can be used for parallel development and for interaction with the simulation load on the main servers. Users benefit from the flexibility and efficient management tools for controlling the simulation environment. Particular features include:

  • Multi-processor computing environment 
  • Fast, efficient, and cost-effective graphics-based model construction, testing, and deployment. No programming knowledge required. Point-and-click model changes with no recompiles 
  • Individual model or task level execution rates and processor selection. Re-hosting or porting of legacy or custom code (C, C++, FORTRAN) - preserve your existing investments  
  • Control and viewing using multiple clients 
  • Web-clients and hand-held clients 
  • Standard off-the-shelf Windows-based hardware components 
  • Integration with the 3KEYSAFE™ Configuration Management System 
  • Ease of use - fully GUI-based; user can personalize and customize look and feel 
  • Easy integration with third-party software and hardware systems, I/O systems, and panels 
  • Modeling suite provides comprehensive, high-fidelity coverage of systems. Knowledge of physical principles and equation solution methods are embedded in the modeling tools. 
  • Extendable - easy to add new modeling objects and code to provide complete simulation of complex systems 
  • DCS and logic systems translators, emulation, and virtual control systems integration 

The 3KEYMASTER™ platform provides a path towards more cost-effective management of simulation that is flexible, efficient, and of the highest-quality, allowing for easy integration into existing engineering processes. Over the past two decades, WSC simulators have been embraced to accomplish, including:

  • Develop new full-scope or part-task simulators 
  • Refurbishment and modernization of existing simulation systems 
  • Soft-panel or integrated hard panel simulations 
  • Learning, test, and certification 
  • Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) - advanced simulation applications in design, test, V&V, and asset management 
  • Licensing studies - new and renewal 
  • Multiple independent deployments across various departments - increasing the benefits by extending the user community 

Graphical Engineering Station
The Graphical Engineering Station (GES) is a User Interface for all 3KEYMASTER™ functionality, providing a complete environment to develop and run simulation software. The 3KEYMASTER™ Graphical Engineering Station is a full-featured GUI-based application. In its most versatile mode, engineers have access to all its features, and use it to configure and test models dynamically without interruption of the simulation. Generation of source code and its compilation are not necessary to modify or update a model.  Model designs can be quickly altered and re-loaded for execution. Engineers can test locally with the GES installed on their computers, or become fully-integrated with the main simulation load on the server. Locally tested code can be migrated seamlessly to the integration server. This allows for easy parallel development as well as effective integration testing. 

3KEYMASTER™ graphical capabilities include the tools to create panel mimics: high-quality drawings of the panels from which the switches, lights and meters can be operated and monitored. The soft-panel displays allow interaction with the simulation without the need for traditional hard panels. 

The GES graphical editor, in addition to soft panel graphics can be used to produce P&IDs, C&I diagrams, and nearly any other graphical page envisioned by the developer. Additionally, 3KEYMASTER™’s object builder tool provides the editing and creation of additional objects to support the graphic activities. The pre-developed 3KEYMASTER™ tool and object libraries can be used to generate the displays of P&IDs and C&I drawings for monitoring system status. In a more restrictive mode, such as that needed for operators or students, the user can interact with the soft panel graphics and simulation, but cannot alter the displays. Engineers can locally test soft panel graphics with the GES installed on their computers or fully-integrated with the main simulation load on the server. Locally tested soft panel graphics can be migrated seamlessly to the server, which allows for easy parallel development as well as effective integration testing.  Features include:

  • Fully configurable and customizable GUI 
  • Full-featured object-oriented graphical editor 
  • Unified and common graphical front-end for model creation and parameterization for all modeling tools 
  • Hard panel and HMI graphics emulation 
  • GUI-based simulation controls 
  • Powerful visualization - multi-variable trend charts and tables; watch objects 
  • Dynamic condition animation of model object icons, alarms, and alerts 
  • Scripting and HMI action recording tool for creating scenarios and playback 
  • Compound logic based events 
  • Click-of-the-mouse controls - including that for displaying or hiding information layers 
  • Configurable role-based functions in a single environment (engineer, instructor, operator, trainee) 
  • Audit Trail feature enables automatic archiving and change tracking in drawings of the project 
For a complete list of Simulation Platform uses, features and advantages please refer to the  3KEYMASTER™ Platform Product Sheet