Process Plant Simulation

In today’s competitive environment, process plants are striving to achieve higher standards of performance.  Improved operator performance is an important factor in achieving these standards and training plays a critical role in making performance improvement possible. Simulators are a proven, effective tool in the training of operators and engineers.   For example, they are used extensively in the nuclear, aviation, aerospace, and defense industries for improving performance, safety,  reliability, and cost effectiveness. With the advent of advanced computer technologies for process plant control systems and increased attention to unit operation, improving availability, and optimizing production, simulation is a watchword for success in this sector of the industry.

Our plant process simulation modeling utilizes the 3KEYMASTER™ real-time simulation environment developed by WSC. This tool has been extended beyond the power applications to process applications simulating various chemical processes. Shared between the Process and Power industry modeling tools are the logic and control systems, relay logic, and electrical systems modeling. The 3KEYMASTER™ system includes a full set of tools and libraries accessed through an ergonomically designed graphical user interface that allows for instantaneous dynamic visualization of the process being simulated as the system is being configured.   WSC’s fluid systems modeling tools, chemical kinetics, DCS and PLC solutions, and component modeling library can be used to model process plants.  Plant-specific custom models can also be ported into the 3KEYMASTER™ platform and interfaced with traditional WSC models. These type models can retain their proprietary nature but can be embedded seamlessly in the 3KEYMASTER™ environment.

    Examples of process unit simulations experience:
  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process simulation
  • Desalination plant simulator
  • Gasifier Reactor simulation
  • Distillation Colum simulation 
  • Acid Gas Removal process unit simulation
  • Absorbers (e.g. H2S, CO2, Mercury) units
  • Nitrogen Plant process: Compression and Liquid storage simulation
  • Particulate Control Device (PCD) simulation
  • Continuous fine ash depressurization system (CFAD) simulation
  • Scrubbers simulation (e.g. Water gas shift, COS hydrolysis, Ammonia scrubber) 
  • Compressors unit simulation (e.g. Air, N2, O2, etc.)
  • Sulfuric Acid process unit simulation
  • Quench and Scrubber Colum simulation
  • Ammonia Stripper Column and Ammonia Purifier Column simulation
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC):

WSC has completed the simulation of one the largest IGCC plants in the world.   In parallel with the IGCC plant design and commissioning process, WSC completed and made the simulator available for further design and control validations as well as training on the integrated plant of both power and gasification islands for this unique and massive new power plant simulator.   Many new design concepts are featured in this technological marvel, so it was critical for the customer to be able to start training operators ahead of plant start-up.  

WSC has developed this IGCC simulator that goes beyond the traditional combined cycle power plant.  The power plant and simulator are a first of a kind for the customer and implement new low emissions gasification processes as part of the combustion turbine-generator.  Rather than burning coal directly to make electricity, gasification first breaks coal down into chemical components. Gases that result from this chemical breakdown can be used to fuel the power plant. 

The integrated gasification combined cycle plant is modeled to replicate the Coal Feed System, Gasifier, Process Air Compressors, Extraction Air Compressors, Gas Cleanup Equipment, CT, HRSG, and ST.  All balance of plant systems are modeled, including: condensate, feedwater, circulating water, cooling water, sour water, turbine auxiliaries, generator auxiliaries, tempered water, coal drying loop, coal milling loop, syngas coolers, gasifier island steam drums, recuperative heat exchangers and syngas cleaning reactors, columns and equipment.

The WSC 3KEYMASTER™ environment also includes a full-featured Instructor Station which provides a flexible simulator environment with embedded features such as monitored parameters, trending, Validation and Verification, Scenario Based Testing (SBT), and other standard features such as event triggers, scenario creation, and trainee performance tracking. The generic and specific malfunction features extend the capability of the simulator to allow for thousands of malfunctions that may be used by instructors to develop exercises that replicate plant behavior and demonstrate such behaviors to operation staff.

For additional information reference the 3KEYMASTER™ Process Plants and Pipeline Solutions