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2016 3KEYMASTER™ Consortium Meeting

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We are very excited for this year’s WSC Consortium at the Hilton in Savannah, Georgia the week of October 10-14. Below is a preliminary schedule of what to expect. As mentioned at our previous consortiums, we look forward to your comments and suggestions for what YOU want to learn and hear about. If there is anything you would like to hear about, please don’t hesitate to email Tommy Utmel (email">email) and we will do our best to create a workshop or presentation on that topic.
As always, we also encourage all attendees to seriously consider making a presentation to the rest of the group. Big thanks goes out to those who have already committed to present. Presentations can be brief or longer if you have more to share, and we are always willing to help with preparation and presentation, if desired. To provide inspiration and ideas, many great examples from past consortium meetings can be found on the customer portion of our website. 
2016 Consortium Preliminary Schedule, October 10-14, 2016:
  • Monday a.m. – Arrivals
  • Monday p.m. – User’s only meeting and continued arrivals
  • Tuesday a.m. - WSC company presentations, customer presentations
  • Tuesday p.m. - Plant McIntosh site visit & tour
  • Wednesday a.m. Split sessions nuclear/fossil – developer/user – presentations & roundtable discussions*
  • Wednesday p.m. Split sessions nuclear/fossil – developer/user – workshops
  • Thursday a.m. – Plant Hatch site visit & tour
  • Thursday p.m. – Customer and/or WSC presentations, or additional/continued workshops, ad hoc "talk to the modelers”
  • Friday a.m. – Feedback & wrap-up
  • Friday p.m. – Departures
* Preliminary subjects for the roundtable discussions are "How to plan and execute major simulator upgrades” and "Simulator Lifecycle Challenges and Solutions”. The former is intended for nuclear and is timely with three of our customers currently undergoing major upgrades and replacements. The latter is intended for fossil and will share experiences on how to keep the simulator alive and in-synch with the plant over the entire lifetime of the unit.
The cutoff date for our block of rooms at the Hilton DeSoto expired on September 9, 2016 and they have since sold out their entire hotel so we have placed a block of rooms about 2 blocks away at the B Historic. Please use this link WesternServicesConsortiumMeeting or call Reservations number 1-888-Bhotels (662-4683)  to  sign up for a hotel room October 10-14 and let us know you are planning on attending! Just as a reminder, the group rate is valid through September 22, 2016. 
Please keep checking back here as we continue updating our information about the Consortium! Also, if you are interested in attending the conference but are not a member of the consortium, please email Tommy Utmel (email">email) for a rate to attend our annual Consortium meeting.

We look forward to seeing you in Georgia!