Name & Title Brief Background
George Utmel

Mr. Utmel is WSCs Director of Technology with 20 years of experience in the areas of nuclear power plant simulation and real-time computer monitoring systems. He has had direct project experience with many types of commercial power reactors (PWR, BWR and AGR), including Russian-designed power reactors (VVER-440, VVER-1000, and RBMK-1000). Mr. Utmel is responsible for 3KEYSOFTWARE development and leads the R&D staff in all areas of development, including thermal-hydraulic models, computer architecture and and interfaces.

Oussama Ashy
Business Development

Mr. Ashy has over 25 years experience in Power Plant simulators. He has worked on all aspects of simulator development from engineering, product development, and management of major simulator projects globally. Mr. Ashy has managed over 30 Nuclear and Fossil Power Plant Full Scope Simulator Projects in the US, Europe and Asia. He is responsible for developing new business for WSC in the training and engineering arenas.

Mladen Udbinac
Project Management

Mr. Udbinac has over 25 years of progressive technical and supervisory experience in nuclear and fossil power plant simulation. He has managed several Full Scope Nuclear Power Plant simulator Projects, and is a specialist in Electrical Systems modeling. He has extensive experience in BOP systems, and has worked on nuclear and fossil power plant simulators in the United States and worldwide in the U.K., Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Canada, and India.

Julie P. Thompson, Esquire
Contracts Specialist

Ms. Thompson, WSC’s Contracts Specialist, has 23 years of legal experience, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and holds licenses to practice law in both Pennsylvania and Maryland. After spending a decade in PA representing Plaintiffs in class action/complex litigation matters, she began utilizing her degrees and licenses in unconventional ways. Her background includes Legal Compliance, Background Screening, Human Resources, and Contracts Management. Julie is a native of Frederick, Maryland.

Mark Terry
Sales & Marketing
Mr. Terry has over 25 years of project management and technical experience in the nuclear industry and with power plant simulation. He has a wealth of experience with international project management, real-time hardware systems, reactor engineering, plant process computer applications and nuclear licensing. He has been involved in all aspects of software development projects, including programming, documentation, verification & validation, and quality assurance. He is responsible for WSC proposals, sales and marketing for domestic and international current and potential customers.
Majid Mirshah
Sales & Marketing

Mr. Mirshah has 27 years of experience in power plant simulation and 7 years in oil & gas industry. He has worked on all aspects of simulation from modeling, engineering, program management, product development and business development. He is well versed and highly knowledgeable in dynamic simulation technology and its application for plant design validation and verification, operation personnel training and plant optimization studies. He has worked on government and commercial projects, domestically and internationally. He is responsible for sales and marketing to current and new customers of WSC.

Oleg Ivanov
Sales Director - Eastern Europe
Mr. Oleg Ivanov has over 15 years of experience in Power Plant Simulation. He has worked as a Test Operator, Engineer Manager and been a Program Manager on full-scope simulator development projects for nuclear power plants. Mr. Ivanov has an extensive experience with Russian-designed nuclear power plants, including more than 13 years of engineering and operations experience at Zaporozhe Nuclear Plant.
Mr. Ivanov is responsible for sales and marketing in Eastern Europe.

YY Huang
Far-East Program Management

Mr. Huang was a Senior Engineer, involved in TVA-FSS (PWR), KOPEC-FSS (Fossil) and KWS-FSS. He was involved in SCADA projects. Mr. Huang was Project Manager for TPC Talin and Hsinta Simulators-FSS and Hsieh-Ho DCS implementation project (ABB MOD 300). At A-D Technology, he was Vice President for simulation projects. These included upgrades for Chinshan (N1), Kousheng (N2), and Manshan (N3) Nuclear Simulators. He was Project Manager for the Tai Chung Fossil FSS and most recently the Lungmen (N4) FSS Nuclear Simulator. Mr. Huang current position is to coordinate activities between WSC and our Joint Venture in China, CNPSC.

Josh Carlucci
Business and Workforce Development Specialist

Mr. Carlucci has over 20 years experience in operation of power, manufacturing, and chemical plants. He has a wealth of experience in leadership, training, personnel development and plant optimization. He has been directly involved in the leadership, project management and training program implementation of simulators for multiple power and chemical companies. He is responsible for sales, marketing, and simulator implementation into training programs for current and new customers of WSC.

Deborah Van De Poll
Human Resources Manager

Ms. Van de Poll is the Human Resources Manager with an Associates Degree in Business Management. She has over 15 years experience in office management and administration and has spent the last three years at WSC managing and integrating the Human Resource department for WSCs diverse and rapidly growing workforce.