WSC Awarded AES Contract for Development of a Full Scope Operator Training Simulator for Alamitos Unit 5

WSC, Inc. (WSC) has been awarded a contract by AES to provide simulation software and services to develop a plant specific Alamitos Unit 5 480 MW Natural Gas Fired Power Plant Full Scope Operator Training Simulator.   

The simulator will be developed using WSC’s 3KEYMASTER Simulation Software and implemented on an innovative touchscreen-based hardware platform that economically mimics the Alamitos Unit 5 control room panels. The WSC 3KEYMASTER simulator training platform being provided will mimic standard boiler operations, including unit startup, shutdown, operations at variable load levels, and normal and faulted operations of the plant, which will allow plant operators to train on both normal operations and abnormal events.

The simulator will incorporate the following control systems:

  1. Emulation/Simulation of the Rosemont DCS (controls and HMI) for the Babcock & Wilcox Boiler, the BOP, and the SCR.
  2. Emulation/Simulation of the Bailey 760 BMS control logic with soft panel graphics to emulate the control board instrumentation.
  3. Emulation of the Ovation Controls and HMI for the Westinghouse Turbine/Generator.

The simulator will utilize the 3KEYMASTER simulation technology, which has been successfully deployed for several AES simulators since our collaboration began in 2018 with the Southland/Alamitos CCGT Simulator (delivered in 2019). Alamitos Unit 5 marks the seventh 3KEYMASTER simulator project for the AES and WSC team, which also includes an emulated ABB DCS version of the Alamitos CCGT for the Dayton ROCC (2022),  Petersburg Unit 3 Steam Plant (2022), Eagle Valley CCGT (2022), Redondo Beach OTSG (2022), and Petersburg Unit 4 Steam Plant (2024, currently undergoing FAT).

AES Alamitos CCGT 3KEYMASTER Simulator