WSC Introduces the 3KEYTOUCH GlassTop Lite and GlassTop Mini Models

In 2023, WSC introduced two new 3KEYTOUCH GlassTop models - GlassTop Lite and GlassTop Mini. The two new platforms offer a cost-effective and modular solution that provides the functionality of our traditional nuclear power plant style GlassTop at a fracton of the cost of a traditional GlassTop. The Lite platform is ideal for university departments and for customers where functionality overrides appearance fidelity. The GlassTop Mini can be a great tool for student user seat in a classroom or on the desk of an engineer.



The 3KEYTOUCH GlassTop Lite Simulator platform can be configured with two commercial grade 49-55 inch 4K touch screens on two off-the-shelf stands (Figure 1) or in a three section configuration with the uppermost screen non-touch (Figure 2). A workstation is provided to run the 3KEYMASTER simulator load and HMI clients to drive and interface with the touch screens. The GlassTop Mini platform (Figure 3) includes three 22-24 inch full HD touch screens on an off-the-shelf desktop stand, plus a workstation.


The touch screens use the latest touch technology, projected capacitive touch (PCAP), which is superior to the previously used infrared technology. The soft panel graphics allow for interaction between the HMI screens and the simulation models with the touch of a finger. Multi-touch pan and zoom features enhance navigation and interaction capabilities.