AES Eagle Valley CCGT Simulator Delivery & Updates

In late 2022, WSC delivered to AES the Eagle valley 2x2x1 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) full scope simulator. Using our 3KEYMASTER real-time simulation environment and modeling tools, WSC developed all plant process models and implemented three different control systems, including


    1. Full emulation of Toshiba TOSMAP Steam Turbine Controls/HMI,
    2. Provided and Interfaced to GE Mark VIe Gas Turbine virtual controls with Cimplicity HMI, and
    3. Interfaced to the AES-provided virtual Ovation DCS.


The 3KEYMASTER Advanced Instructor Station was included for simulator controls, such as freeze, snapshot, reset, malfunctions, event triggers, and scenarios.


Since the delivery of the Eagle Valley CCGT Simulator,