WSC to Provide Full-Scope High-Fidelity Generic Nuclear Power Plant Simulators (GPWR, GBWR) to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

WSC Full-Scope High-Fidelity Generic Nuclear Power Plant Simulators for a Pressurized Water Reactor (GPWR) and Boiling Water Reactor (GBWR) are being provided to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The GPWR and GBWR simulators, described below, will allow students to perform complete plant startups, shutdowns, and load maneuvers, as well as realistically simulate normal and abnormal plant transients, including malfunction scenarios. Each 3KEYMASTER Simulator model includes WSC's Intelligent Tutoring System, 3KEYITS, with the GPWR delivered with an initial set of lessons.

Capitalizing on the flexibility of the 3KEYMASTER simulation environment, the GPWR and GBWR simulators will be available for use in these platforms at the university:

The GPWR Simulator

The 1400MW GPWR nuclear power plant is a full dynamic simulator with models of all main systems, including reactor thermal hydraulics & neutronics, turbine generator, electrical distribution, BOP equipment processes, as well as all necessary logic & control. The GPWR includes a leading edge/modern DCS-style operator HMI that provides students with concise information for monitoring plant equipment status and includes all of the required control functions for the student to perform power maneuvers, respond to normal and abnormal conditions, mitigate accidents, etc.

The GBWR Simulator

WSC's Generic Boiling Water Reactor (GBWR) is a 600MW nuclear power plant based on a GE BWR reactor. The GBWR includes a full set of traditional control room panels emulated with soft panel graphics for operator (student) monitoring and control of the plant.