WSC Receives Funding for Phase 2 of Argonne National Labs Ukraine Award for RvNPP Simulator Severe Accident Model

WSC, with the support of Argonne National Labs (ANL), provided the necessary resources to assist the Ukraine State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Reactor Safety (SSTC NRS) with data collection and development of the Severe Accident model for the Rivne VVER-1000 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). The Severe Accident model is based on Sandia National Labs MELCOR Severe Accident Analysis code, integrated with 3KEYMASTER (3KEYSAA). 


WSC has now received Phase 2 funding to integrate and test the 3KEYMASTER Severe Accident Analysis model with the Rivne VVER-1000 3KEYMASTER simulator in Ukraine. The 3KEYSAA simulator will allow the technical personnel at the power plant to run a variety of accident conditions and scenarios, which should help improve the response of on-site and off-site teams involved in such situations.