Award to Upgrade the WSC Full Scope Operator Training Simulator Provided to a US Government Research Facility

WSC is upgrading the full scope operator training simulator developed by WSC and delivered in 2019 to a US Government Research Facility. The simulator is based on the facility's Central Utility Plant (CUP) and includes PLC-based control systems that were installed for the facility's boilers, chillers, and electrical systems.

For the upgrade, WSC is developing a full scope cogeneration (Cogen) simulator on our 3KEYMASTER platform including process models, Instructor Station, and Siemens PCS7 controls emulation. For the new Cogen Black Start Project, WSC will update the electrical models and emulations to support the new emergency generators and CUP islanding features and integrate the updates with the Cogen and CUP simulators. WSC is also developing interpreters to emulate the two different FactoryTalk View HMI software packages used in the CUP. WSC will also be developing new Auxiliary Boiler models and emulating the Allen Bradley PLC controls.