WSC to Update the LADWP Haynes Generating Station Units 8-10 Combined Cycle Simulator

The Haynes Generating Station is a combined cycle power plant located in California. WSC is performing a major upgrade of the simulator that WSC provided to LADWP in 2007.The 3KEYMASTER combined cycle simulator models will be updated to reflect the current configuration of Units 8-10 and to ensure simulator performance on the new hardware platform is acceptable.

For the Haynes Generating Station 2 on 1 Combined Cycle simulator, WSC is updating the 3KEYMASTER environment and simulation tools, updating the models, and providing a new simulator hardware platform. In addition, WSC is updating the emulated Logic & Control and Graphics for the GE Mark VI Controls/Cimplicity HMI and the Emerson Ovation DCS/HMI.

WSC is supplying a full set of ITS Startup/Shutdown Lessons on a standalone ITS Hardware Training Station as well.