WSC to Support Upgrade of Armenia Nuclear Power Plant Operator Training Simulator

The Armenia Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) Operating Training Simulator (OTS) relies on several systems that are connected to computer systems, specifically the non-hard panel external systems:


- Plant Monitoring System (PMS) & Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS)

- In-Core Monitoring System (SVRK)

- Skoda Rod Drive (RD) Control System

- Nuclear Instrumentation (NI) System (AKNP)

To complete the ANPP OTS hard panel control room for operator training, WSC, through Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), is providing emulation and integration of the external systems above. WSC is also developing emulated control room hard panels (via soft panel graphics) for the simulator, which will support the instructors, and these emulations will support using the OTS in a classroom setting.

The upgraded simulator will help ANPP meet the ANS 3.5 Standard, and allow for training and licensing of ANPP operators, and training other ANPP personnel in the operation of the unit to a degree of competence commensurate with ANPP and Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ANRA) regulatory requirements. The simulator will allow for training plant operators in all aspects and phases of normal, abnormal, and emergency operation of control manipulations, protection features, process systems, and associated auxiliary systems of ANPP. The simulator will allow for introducing malfunctions and emergency situations requiring operator actions and/or observance of automatic system actions.