Award to Provide GPWR Classroom Simulator to Alexandria University

Alexandria University has awarded WSC a contract to provide our Full Scope High Fidelity Generation III (GEN III) Generic Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Simulator. Specifically, WSC will provide our 1400 MW Pressurized Water Reactor (GPWR) simulator for use in a classroom or laboratory at the University. The 5-student GPWR classroom simulator includes our 3KEYMASTER executive system, instructor station, and models that accurately replicate operation of modern PWR NPPs with our DCS-style human machine interface, providing a realistic operator/student training experience.

This GEN III GPWR simulator will provide Alexandria University the tools to familiarize the students of the Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering department with concepts of the nuclear plant systems in a practical and visual manner. Because the simulator models all the essential components of an NPP, the students will learn plant operations, nuclear fundamentals, and be able to relate what they learn on the simulator to their course work in reactor physics, thermal-hydraulics, and control systems, among others. They will be better positioned for the future when the need arises for a staff to design, operate, maintain, and supervise future NPPs.

WSC will also provide training to enable the Alexandria staff to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the simulator so they may teach, train, and test the students according to their levels of knowledge and understanding.