WSC to Support Development of TerraPower's Natrium Engineering Simulator

TerraPower has awarded WSC, Inc. a contract to provide technology and technical support for the development of the Natrium Small Modular Reactor (SMR) currently being designed. The Natrium technology was developed by TerraPower and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy to provide flexible clean energy at a competitive cost. The system features a 345MWe reactor that can be optimized for specific markets.


WSC will provide TerraPower with our 3KEYMASTER Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) platform, software, and modeling services to support the preliminary and conceptual design of the Natrium Engineering Simulator (NES). The project will culminate with delivery of a full-scope training simulator (FSS) conforming to the requirements of ANSI/ANS Standard 3.5-2018, needed for the first installation of the Natrium Power Plant.


Using WSC's 3KEYMASTER SAE platform, it is expected that TerraPower will realize reductions in technical risks, labor and schedule duration needed to realize the standard plant design.





TerraPower Natrium SMR Conceptual Design

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