WSC to Provide GPWR Simulator to Georgia Tech

WSC is providing our full scope, high fidelity Generation III (Gen III) Generic Pressurized Water Reactor (GPWR) simulator to Georgia Tech for use in a University Laboratory for R&D purposes along with a development license that will allow for the modification of the models or inclusion of other software or interfaces to the simulator as needed to support Georgia Tech's R&D initiatives. WSC is also including our 3KEYMASTER Simulation Environment with 5 client capability, GPWR Configured Models and Modeling Tools, and Instructor Station.


The GPWR accurately replicates operation of modern PWR NPPs (Gen III); students of the Georgia Tech Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering department will become familiar with concepts of the nuclear plant systems in a practical and visual manner - learning NPP operations, nuclear fundamentals, and relating what they learn on the simulator to their courses in reactor physics, thermal-hydraulics, and control systems, among others.


Example of the GPWR Simulator HMI: