GNP Awards WSC Contract to Develop and Integrate MELCOR SA Simulation Model with 3D Visualization in KINS Simulator

Sandia National Labs' MELCOR Severe Accident modeling code is a fully integrated, engineering-level computer code that models the progression of severe accidents in light-water reactor nuclear power plants (NPP). GNP for the Korea Institute for Nuclear Safety (KINS) has awarded WSC a contract for development and integration of a MELCOR Severe Accident (SA) Simulation model in the KINS simulator, which is based on Shin Kori 3&4.

WSC's severe accident (SA) models allow simulation, in real-time and fast time, of various malfunctions in abnormal/emergency situations requiring operator actions and/or observance of automatic system actions.

Integrating WSC SA models with the KINS simulator will allow the KINS technical personnel to run a variety of accident conditions and scenarios that should help improve the response of the teams involved and support research in mitigating such situations.

Significantly enhancing the SA models, WSC will integrate a powerful 3D tool with the 3KEYMASTER Environment to provide visualization of SA concepts and scenarios, systems, components, and events, allowing the user to visualize what previously could not be seen. The high-fidelity SA simulation models will pass physical characteristics such as temperature, Pressure, Void Fraction, and Flow to allow a 3D dynamic visualization of those parameters using a customized color-coded shade. The user will be able to obtain the parameter value at any location within the 3D object.

The power of 3D visualization is to be combined with high fidelity SA simulation models to provide KINS an integrated platform with real time simulator response.