WSC to Provide GPWR Simulator to Virginia Tech

WSC is providing our full scope, high fidelity Generation III (Gen III) Generic Pressurized Water Reactor (GPWR) simulator to Virginia Tech. WSC will host the GPWR simulator in a web-based environment (Cloud), giving the students simultaneous access to the simulator over the Internet. WSC is also providing Virginia Tech with our 3KEYITS Intelligent Tutoring System to complement the web-based simulator with online scripted lessons.

The 1400 MW Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) simulator, as all WSC Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) simulators, satisfies ANS/ANSI 3.5 standards and includes WSC's 3KEYMASTER executive system, models of main systems, an instructor station, and a cutting-edge DCS-style human machine interface (HMI). The GPWR accurately replicates operation of modern PWR NPPs (Gen III), providing a realistic operator/student training experience.

Example of HMI and Control Popups