WSC to Provide Holtec SMR-160 Phase III Simulator Update

The reactor core design and several key systems in Holtec's SMR-160, a small modular pressurized water nuclear power plant, has progressed since WSC simulator work in Phase II. To keep the simulator synchronized with the latest design updates, it is necessary to integrate Studsvik Scandpower's S3R core model (provided by Holtec) into the WSC 3KEYMASTER simulation environment, which is also being upgraded to the latest version.

Many 3KEYMASTER FlowBase and RELAP5 thermal-hydraulic models provided by WSC in prior phases of the project require update, as well, due to design advancements in the Reactor System and Reactor Coolant System of the SMR-160.

The Phase III updated simulator will be suitable for Holtec to perform additional steady state and transient analysis, as necessary.