Westinghouse APS Palo Verde Rod Control Upgrade

WSC was awarded a contract by Westinghouse to support upgrading the two APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station (PVNGS) full scope training simulators, GlassTop simulators, development systems, and classroom simulators based on the Advanced Rod Control Hybrid (ARCH) System upgrade project they are providing to the actual power plants.   


For the simulators, Westinghouse is providing their WE-SIMIXTM simulation tool, which is used to simulate the Ovation controller code. 


To support the project and simulator, upgrades that will occur over the next three years include:

Integration of WE-SIMIX simulation, into the WSC/PVNGS Simulator environment, 

Remove old CEDMCS models,

Modify existing models and develop new 3KEYMASTER rod control model,

Modify/Update the simulator instructor station and control panel graphics, and

Upgrade the PVNGS GlassTop and Classroom simulators to run the new ARCH system.