New Clean Room Simulator

In September 2021, WSC finished delivery of our fourth clean room (sterile environment) simulator and was awarded a contract for the development and delivery of another clean room simulator (the fifth for an important government customer). It should be noted that each clean room simulator is unique in size physically and in the number of rooms, HVAC systems, and equipment. 

For this latest simulator, WSC is developing first principle models of the facility airflow dynamics, heating ventilation and cooling systems, and a full emulation of the facilities' Siemens PPCL controls primarily for the purpose of evaluating HVAC control strategies. WSC is developing a translator of the Siemens PPCL control system, thus eliminating the need to recreate the control logic in 3KEYMASTER "by hand" as done on the previous projects. This simulator will be used to support the facility during commissioning, providing a testbed for different/improved control strategies, and enabling facility pressure instabilities to be debugged in the event that they are discovered after the initial facility installation.