MIT-NRL Replica Simulator Completed

In late 2019, the MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (MIT-NRL) awarded WSC  a project to develop a replica simulator model for the MIT Research Reactor (MITR).  With the support of MITR staff, WSC developed the replica simulator model and due to the pandemic, delivered it in 2021. The 3KEYMASTER and embedded RELAP5 models simulate all aspects of plant and reactor dynamics, logic and control systems, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). The simulator provides numerous advantages, such as:

- Expanded training capabilities for reactor operators for license qualification/requalification

Hands-on simulator training modules in MIT?s undergraduate/graduate/professional courses and public outreach activities

Support Research and Development (R&D) activities
The MITR is a multi-purpose research reactor, which was constructed in 1958 (MITR-I) and upgraded in 1975 (MITR-II) with a new core tank  and housing. The reactor was uprated from 5 MW to 6 MW in 2010 and is the second largest university reactor in the U.S. The design is a compact core with power density like a LWR tank-type, light water-cooled and moderated, with a D2O and graphite reflector.