Barakah APR1400 Simulators Maintenance Agreement

Nawah Energy Company awarded WSC a major 5-year contract to provide simulation and engineering services for maintenance of Barakah Full-Scope Nuclear Power Plant Simulators based on the latest data and Barakah Unit 1 plant operation performance data.

Nawah currently has four full-scope simulators (FSS) at the Barakah site to train personnel and license operators for the plant operation and commissioning of the four Barakah Nuclear Power Plants (BNPP).  At the BNPP, the first unit has been in operation and is due for cycle 2 refueling in March 2022 while Unit 2 is going through plant startup and assertion testing with units 3 and 4 nearing completion of construction and ready for fueling.

In addition to the simulator maintenance per unit 1 plant performance data, WSC is developing Toshiba turbine control (TOSMAP) translators for DCS and Graphics with the turbine trending and alarm systems to emulate and integrate the simulated turbine control system into the simulators. WSC also is updating the reactor core model per BNPP Unit 1 cycle 2 fuel data and installing the newest version of nuclear application program system (NAPS) on the simulators.


WSC also will support Nawah to install the new and updated DCS and HMI Baseline for the Safety DCS (AC160) and Non-Safety DCS (Ovation) systems in the Simulators. TOSMAP translator is a new addition to the safety and non-safety DCS that currently utilizes translators to convert actual plant DCS configuration files into an automated emulator of the I&C and user interface (HMI) graphics.  This approach has added multiple advantages to the simulator capability, including replicating the actual I&C and allowing these systems to be updated using translators for the lifetime of the plants. This also enhances the simulator capability by enabling it to be used for fully testing new version of I&C in a simulated environment for normal plant evolutions, transients, and abnormal conditions before plant installation.