AES Petersburg Unit 3 Training Simulator Award

AES awarded WSC a contract to develop a high-fidelity plant-specific simulator for the Indiana Power & Light (IPL) Petersburg Unit 3 Generating Station to support initial training and retraining of control room operators, supervisors, and plant equipment operators. 

The simulation will be based on the Petersburg Unit 3 Generating Station, a Coal-Fired Boiler containing a General Electric reheat steam turbine and one coal fired Combustion Engineering (CE) boiler, along with associated BOP systems. A Virtual Ovation DCS will provide controls for the boiler, steam turbine, and BOP systems.

Using WSC's 3KEYMASTER real-time simulation environment and modeling tools, WSC will develop the simulator models for the coal-fired generating plant based on the process and control systems of the plant. The simulator models will include all process systems controlled from the DCS and emulated hard panels (WSC is providing two 3KEYTOUCH GlassTop panel graphics platforms) with an interface to the virtual Ovation DCS and operator HMI.


The 3KEYMASTER Instructor Station (IS) will carry out simulator controls such as freeze, snapshot, reset and all other IS functions. All computers will communicate through a dedicated simulator LAN on the simulator hardware that will be provided by AES.