WSC to Deliver Copy of AES Alamitos Simulator to AES Training/Operations Center

AES has contracted WSC to set up, configure, and deliver a copy of the Alamitos simulator for use at the AES Remote Operations and Control Center (ROCC) in Dayton, Ohio. The full scope, high fidelity simulator models a 2 on 1 GE 107FA combined cycle power plant and will execute on an AES-provided Virtual Machine (VM) platform. The simulator will support initial training and retraining of control room operators, supervisors, and plant equipment operators.

 All BOP and associated "common" systems have been modeled, including condensate, feedwater, circulating water, and turbine-generator auxiliaries. Virtual GE Mark VIe DCS controls provide control for the Gas Turbines and emulated Siemens DCS and HMI provide control for the Steam Turbine. The ABB S+ DCS controls will be fully emulated to provide control for the BOP.

The simulator plant process models were built with the 3KEYMASTER real-time simulation environment developed by WSC. The 3KEYMASTER Instructor Station (IS) carries out simulator controls such as freeze, snapshot, reset and all other IS functions. All computers communicate through a dedicated simulator LAN.