Award for Major Update at CPS Energy Sommers

CPS Energy awarded WSC a contract to update the Sommers Unit 2 simulator at San Antonio. The gas-fired fossil plant is currently upgrading the Honeywell DCS controllers from HPMs to C300s and converting the graphics from GUS Station graphics to HMI Web graphics. WSC is updating the Sommers 2 simulator by synchronizing it with the DCS changes being made in the plant. The simulator update will include modifications to our translators to support the emulations of the new Honeywell DCS, incorporate changes to the simulator DCS & HMI emulations (including logic and control and graphics), and perform updates to the models as necessary. WSC will tune and test the simulator with a CPS Energy operator to verify that the simulator is stable. WSC will also support the on-site simulator update/acceptance testing, and provide a post-commissioning update/tuning after the new Honeywell DCS/HMI is installed in the plant and the plant has undergone ample runtime.