Duke Energy Roxboro Unit 2 Ovation Emulation Award

WSC received a contract from Duke Energy to upgrade the Roxboro 2 Fossil Power Plant Simulator with a full-emulation of the Emerson Ovation DCS. WSC will translate the existing Ovation DCS Control Logic and Ovation HMI Graphic pages, connect the models to emulated Ovation controls, and verify that the emulated Ovation DCS Control Logic and HMI Graphic pages are properly connected to the process models. Key advantages of a fully-emulated simulator include elimination of licensing restrictions, portability, seamless integration with process models, and major improvements in reliability and robustness of the system without any reliance on DCS vendors. Other Duke sites, including Hines, Smith, W.S. Lee, and H.F. Lee, have recently replaced, or are in the process of replacing, virtual systems with 3KEYDCS emulations. WSC is also providing Roxboro 2 with our 3KEYITS Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) that can be used to supplement operator training through scripted, instructorless lessons.