Georgia Power Plant McIntosh Upgrade

WSC was recently awarded a contract to upgrade the Georgia Power Company (GPC) Plant McIntosh Unit 10 Combined Cycle Simulator to support training on their new virtual Mark Vie control system and Cimplicity HMI. The simulator is being upgraded to support the Unit 11 control system upgrade for the Steam Turbine (ST) controls and will match the recent . Plant McIntosh Unit 10 still uses an Alstom P400 DCS for ST control. To support training on both the new Unit 11 Mark VIe, and the existing Unit 10 Alstom ST controls, WSC will implement a method to allow the simulator to operate with the existing Unit 10 P400 ST controls/HMI or the new Unit 11 Mark VIe controls/HMI. In addition to implementing new GE virtual Mark VIe controls and HMI, WSC is updating 3KEYMASTER and providing a new hardware Windows 10 platform to support GPC's IT/cyber security requirements. WSC will also develop a full emulation of the Ovation BOP DCS (controls and HMI). This will allow GPC to easily update the simulator whenever the plant upgrades or modifies the Ovation DCS. With the simulator upgrade approach, GPC will retain their fully-functional existing simulator without any downtime, while the upgraded simulator is still being developed.