WSC Delivered the Triconex DCS Solution for Bruce Power's Unit 6 Simulator

In July 2020, WSC delivered an emulated Framatome Triconex DCS solution for the Feed, Bleed and Relief (FB&R) system for Bruce Power's Unit 6 simulator. DCS was integrated with the 3KEYMASTER simulation system. The embedded Triconex logic & controls resides in the 3KEYMASTER environment and executes based on the 3KEYMASTER real-time executive control. All simulation functions such as Run, Freeze, and Reset are supported for the emulated DCS. The system will be installed at Unit 6 during Major Component Replacement (MCR) in 2020-2023. Because training will need to occur 1-2 years in advance, the Installation in Unit 6 simulator training system will occur in late spring of 2021.