KHNP Shin Wolsong 1 Full-Scope Nuclear Simulator Upgrade Award


WSC, with our partner GNP in S. Korea, was awarded the upgrade of the Shin Wolsong Unit 1 Simulator. The Shin Wolsong 1 power plant is a Korean designed OPR1000 plant. This project is termed an upgrade because the simulator originally was developed based on the Shin Kori Unit 1 plant data. Shin-Wolsong Unit 1 became operational in 2012 with unit 2 to follow in 2015. The new full-scope simulator will be developed cooperatively between GNP, WSC and KHNP and will be used for training of operators of Shin Wolsong Unit 1 and 2 operators. The software for the simulator will be upgraded to the latest versions of 3KEYMASTER, Idaho National Laboratory 3KEYRELAP5, NESTLE, and 3KEYSAFE configuration management system.


The OPR-1000 is a South Korean designed two-loop 1000 MWe PWR Generation II nuclear reactor, developed by KHNP and KEPCO. The OPR-1000 was originally designated as the Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant (KSNP) and was re-designated as the OPR-1000 in 2005 for foreign sales. It was developed based partly on the Combustion Engineering (C-E) designs, through a technology transfer agreement. The reactor core design was derived from the C-E designed Arkansas Nuclear One Unit 2, the nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) was derived from the C-E designed units at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station and auxiliary plant design was derived from the earlier Unit-1 and Unit-2 at the Yeonggwang (now Hanbit) Nuclear Power Plant.

Based on the OPR-1000 design, KEPCO has developed a Generation III+ uprated plant, the APR-1400 that was exported to UAE for the Barakah units.