WSC 2020 3KEYMASTER Consortium Meeting

To mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on business gatherings and to keep our Consortium members and WSC staff safe during the pandemic, WSC hosted the 2020 3KEYMASTER Consortium on Microsoft®Teams. The presentations and workshops, normally held in person over one week, were held online from September 14th to October 30th, averaging two sessions per week. Attendees were present online from a variety of nuclear, conventional plants (Fossil/CCGT), NNL and educational institutes.


In addition to welcome speeches and 2020 Enhancements to 3KEYMASTER, 2-4 hour live sessions were hosted by WSC to enhance the member's knowledge of simulation and 3KEYMASTER software, including workshops on Panel Graphics, Scenario-Based Testing (SBT), the Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS), Making the most of your Instructor Station, enhancement of the Trainee Performance Review (TPR) feature using the SBT wizard, and running simulators on the Cloud. For future reference and in case a user missed a session, each of the WSC-led workshops was recorded and made available to all members via the 3KEYMASTER Consortium "project" in the 3KM Downloads section of the WSC website. Plus, PDF versions of the presentations will be posted as usual in the Consortium section of the WSC website in the Presentation area.


Presentations by WSC customers, 30-60 minutes in length, were well received. The 2020 Consortium member presentations included discussions on Panel overlays (WCNOC), AES Southland training (GP Strategies),  implementation of ITS in Asheville (Duke Energy), the Virtual Control Room (APS), and the Transmission/Distribution/Generation Simulator (SOS).  


Two users' meetings are held each year, one in May (web-based) and the second at the WSC 3KEYMASTER Consortium meeting in the fall.