DOE-Armenia NPP Simulator Upgrade Status Update

WSC has entered Phase 2 of the Armenia Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) Operator Training Simulator upgrade, which was awarded by the U.S. DOE in September 2019. Phase 2 includes a significant technology transfer effort to support ANPP and ARMATOM staff in developing the logic models, Electrical and other BOP models, and Instructor Station soft panel graphics using WSC's 3KEYMASTER Graphical Engineering Station and modeling tools. This effort will provide ANPP with a full-scope high-fidelity training simulator, which is required by the local nuclear regulatory authority to extend their operating license. Phase 1 of the upgrade was completed in October 2019 and involved replacing an old Unix-based part-scope simulator with WSC's modern Windows-based 3KEYMASTER Simulation Environment and modeling tools, as well as providing new thermal hydraulic models for the Reactor, Main Steam, and Feed Water Systems.