GP Strategies Combined Cycle Simulator Delivery

WSC, Inc., in partnership with GP Strategies, completed the delivery of a full scope, 2x1 Combined Cycle (CC) Simulator. GP Strategies' EtaPRO® Performance & Condition Monitoring System has been integrated with the simulator to provide users a platform for testing and verification with physically modeled feedback before plant commissioning. The full scope replica simulator, including EtaPRO, will be used for plant familiarization as well as pre-operational training.

The initial delivery of the project was based on preliminary engineering design data for initial plant operator training on CC technology and was used as a Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) platform to support plant commissioning with over 100 items identified in the controls for corrections needed and enhancements to allow for improved operator interaction. In mid-2020, a post plant commissioning update of the simulator configuration will occur to match the as-built plant performance, ensuring the highest levels of training for plant engineering and operation staff.

WSC and GP Strategies continue their partnership in delivering simulation based training, including a first-of-a-kind, full scope CC Simulator that can be accessed through GP Strategies? GPiLEARN+ learning management system.