WSC Training and Engineering Simulator Delivered to USPCAS-E

WSC has added another country to its list of worldwide deliveries for training and engineering simulators through an award from the U.S. - Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy. WSC delivered a generic Combined Cycle Simulator for training of new engineers in the energy industry. The project funding is USAID-based, which supports the university in acquiring lab and test equipment for education purposes. The generic combined cycle simulator is based on a 2-on-1 configuration, with emulated GE Cimplicity & Ovation HMIs utilizing the International System of Units (SI). The Simulator includes models of all plant systems required to train operators in plant fundamentals and operations.  The simulator will be set-up as a classroom such that students can run a copy of the simulator independently on their workstations or work as a team, with multiple students running on one workstation tied to a common load. 

USPCAS-E also elected to purchase the WSC 3KEYITS, which allows students to independently train through pre-scripted lessons. The system will be provided with over 20 lessons that cover all aspects of startup, shutdown, and abnormal conditions of the combined cycle power plant.