WSC Recognizes Fifteen Years with Duke Energy


Since signing a Master Services Agreement with Duke Energy (Progress Energy at the time) in June 2005, annual deliveries of full scope simulators have continued from WSC to Progress Energy. WSC has successfully delivered high-fidelity customized simulators for over 25 individual power plants. The latest deliveries included three simulators for the Hines Energy Center Power Block 1 (major upgrade), PB2 (new, replaced simulator provided in 2003), and PB3 (new) achieving RFT in the past year. Additional awards, updates, and deliveries continue under this agreement. (The table shows a list of all WSC/Duke simulators).

The simulators are designed based on first principles to simulate plant operation from cold startup to maximum load under steady state and transient conditions, taking into account the effects of changing parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow, and level, and also the effects of these parameters due to starting and stopping all plant auxiliary equipment.

According to Duke Energy; "We continue to engage WSC for the on-going maintenance of our simulators, and we find their high-fidelity technology helps us improve bottom-line performance of our power plant assets through both superior and accurate training of personnel, as well as analysis of plant evolutions and opportunities for improving and optimizing plant performance."

Not shown in the table are many simulator upgrade projects (typically for virtual DCS upgrades) or the Robinson Nuclear Power Plant Simulator that WSC provided to Duke (Progress) in 2007. WSC supported Robinson with its turbine control system DCS upgrade project by providing interfaces and modeling support, as well as a first-of-a-kind full scale replica Control Room GlassTop Simulator (CRGTS) constructed with touch screen monitors. WSC also provided the Duke Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant a CRGTS to support their simulator TCS upgrade. The two CRGTS units were delivered in 2016.