WSC Collaborates with SOS Intl. to Develop an Electrical Distribution System Simulator

Utilizing the high fidelity and flexibility of the 3KEYMASTER Simulation Software Electrical Modeling Tool, WSC and SOS Intl. (SOS) have jointly developed a web-enabled Electrical Distribution System (EDS) Simulator that replicates load distribution in a medium-sized city. The simulator focuses on training for Local and SCADA low voltage network maintenance and operation personnel. SOS has developed lessons using 3KEYITS to cover issues faced in a city electrical distribution network, such as maintaining customer voltage, removing equipment for maintenance, and locating and isolating faults through sectionalizing. The simulator can also be used in a traditional classroom environment as well as in a web-based delivery.
The Electrical Distribution System (EDS) Simulation model replicates load distribution in a medium-sized city with approximately 45-50 MVA normal loading. The simulator is based on an SOS designed topography that includes transformers, regulators, fuses, switches, capacitor banks, and reclosers that are organized in a map spanning a 20x20 mile area. The simulator was developed to support online training modules used in training distribution operators.
The EDS Simulator has been commissioned and is accessible through the SOS LMS Web Site. Please contact the sales team at SOS for subscription to the SOS EDS lesson series or to schedule a demo. The picture below illustrates the EDS Overview Display and Control Pop-up.