JEA Brandy Branch Upgrade Delivered

In April 2019, WSC delivered an update to the JEA Brandy Branch Generating Station Simulator, incorporating plant and GE control system modifications that were being implemented in the plant later in the summer. Major changes included upgrading to a new compressor and rotor to provide more power (171 MW to 208 MW) at a better heat rate, and replacing the GE Mark VI controls with  GE Mark VIe controls and new Windows 10-based Cimplicity HMIs.  JEA performed Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) with the new simulator to test & verify the new GE controls before commissioning.

In addition to SAE, the updated simulator enabled plant operators to train and familiarize with the new control logic and HMI screens prior to the plant upgrades going live. Simulator fine tuning, following runtime with the new equipment, was completed in August 2019.